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Gender Male
Caught at Luminose City
Type dragon / ground
Ability Sand Veil

Sand Force (Mega Evolution)

Pokémon Information
Current Location With Ben
Original Trainer Ben Yggdrasil
First Appearance

Samehada, Ben's Garchomp, is Ben's first Pokémon, though not his official starter. Samehada, as named by Ben, was a Gible owned by the Yggdrasil family. When Ben began his journey with Empire and Jackdaw, Samehada decided to follow Ben to join him as well. Once Ben discovered Samehada, he gladly allowed his old pet to join his team. While with Ben Samehada grew beyond being a Gible and evolved into Gabite in a training battle against Godzilla, Ben's Larvitar at the time. He later evolved again into Garchomp to save Ben from a stampede of Tauros. Ben has Samehada's Mega Stone, Garchompite, in his possession and can use it to evolve Samehada once again into Mega Garchomp for a time.