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Age 14
Birthday May 30
Gender Male
Hair color White
Trainer Status
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Current League Kalos Region
Starter Pokémon Blood / Froakie
Personal Status
Hometown Nuvema Town
First Appearance

Sigma Juniper is the main character of Pokemon - Advanced Adventure, and is son of the famous Professor Juniper. He made his first debut in Froakie, I choose you!.

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All of his young life, Sigma was raised around Pokemon. This was due to his mother being Unova the regions professor. Though there was one Pokemon he took into complete likeing, that being his Riolu. Over time, Sigma and Riolu were worst enemies, until they settled their differences on the field. Despite Riolu winning, he created a bond with Sigma ultimately becoming his partner. Sigma's journey started in the Kalos region his first Pokemon being Froakie. After gaining his starter, he met Mitch.


At first, Sigma displayed a laid back persona, but it changed when he made contact with his father during one of his dreams. He began then began to show, a darkened side during all of his battles. Firstly shown in his battle against, Viola gym leader of Santalune City. Though despite such a dark side, Sigma often attempts to fight it off, as seen when he and Ben first encountered each other.



Oran Berries Lum Berries

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